HMRC seeks wind-up of Swilly

Lough Swilly 1950s
Lough Swilly 1950s

The taxman is seeking the winding-up of a company linked to the Lough Swilly bus service. The commissioners of HMRC have petitioned the High Court for the winding up of Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway Compnay-a transport and frieght company first incorporated in 1853.

The petition against the firm. which is based in Springtown Industrial Estate, is due to be heard in the Royal Court of Justice on Thursday, April 3.

Details of the application have been published recently in the Belfast Gazette.

The bulletin says the petition was first lodged last November.

It warns that “any person intending to appear on the hearing of the petition (whether to support or oppose it), must give notice of intention to do so to the petitioners or their solicitor in accordance with Rule 4.016 by 4pm on April 2.”

The revenue commissioners’ solicitor is JH Conn, Crown Solicitor’s Office at Chichester Street in Belfast.

The Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway Compamy has provided rail and bus services connecting Derry and Donegal for a century.

The company originally operated almost 100 miles of railway from 1853 until 1953 when it was supplanted by the company’s bus service and is an established and respected company name.