Concern over BOI closures

LONDONDERRY MP Mark Durkan says he is concerned about the proposed closure of the Waterside and Shipquay Street branches of the Bank of Ireland.

He said: “As well as the implications for staff and their families we have to consider the implications for customers and local businesses in terms of quality and the accessibility of service they can expect in the wake of this announcement.

“This is further evidence of change in the service profile of the banking sector in the aftermath of all the issues of recent years.”

Mr Durkan said legislators need to be looking at questions that are not just about the ‘banking of business.’

He said they need to also look at the future of the ‘business of banking’ in Northern Ireland given the further changes coming from new regulatory set-ups in London.

“We can’t just watch a shake-out by default which creates gaps in markets, patchier services and poorer choices for people here,” he stated.

“As before, I will be working with the Finance Union – the Irish Bank Officials’ Association (IBOA) – in terms of the direct implications for staff and will want to reflect the concerns of customers – not least local businesses – who will have concerns about the support and rapport that they can expect from the Bank of Ireland in the future,” he concluded.