10% of redundancies in city

TEN per cent of redundancies in Northern Ireland (1,308) over the past year were in Londonderry.

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson revealed there were 13,477 redundancies across 18 parliamentary constituencies largely equal in population terms since 2008.

He explained there were 297 redundancies in 2008; 673 in 2009; 145 in 2010; and 180 in 2011. There were only 13 in 2012, according to Mr Wilson, though this refers only to the total confirmed redundancies up to October 31, 2012.

He said the figures do not equate to all job losses as in many cases temporary employees are let go without being recorded.

“Under the Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 (amended 8 October 2006) companies are only legally required to notify the Department of impending redundancies of 20 or more employees,” he explained.

“Also, redundancies do not necessarily equate to job losses, for example, employees who do not qualify for a redundancy package, those on temporary contracts, will not be incorporated into the redundancy figures,” he added.