Burntollet Sons of Ulster Parade

Burntollett band members on parade in the City centre.
Burntollett band members on parade in the City centre.

Burntollet Sons of Ulster Flute Band’s 35th annual band parade is being held on Friday May 16 in Claudy with an 8.30pm start.The band has decided to move the annual parade date forward to a Friday night to accommodate both visiting bands and spectators.

That will allow people to enjoy the parade at the weekend as well as the celebration event afterwards in the Beaufort Hotel in the village.

“This is our 35th anniversary parade and we would like to extend an invitation to all the band’s past members and wider Burntollet family to come along and enjoy a great night of celebration in the newly taken over Beaufort Hotel and help support this local Claudy business which has supported the band throughout the years since its foundation in 1979,” a spokesman said.

“The band wishes Adrian every success in his new venture.

“The band has paraded widely across the entire country over the last 12 months and hope that the wide variety of bands on parade will provide entertainment for all the family and will lead to a successful night.”