Brown backs Brexit from Babylonian EU

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Former Waterside pastor Rev Ian Brown, is advocating Brexit from the European Union on scriptural grounds saying that the powers-that-be in Brussels and Strasbourg are intent on establishing a world government with Babylon and the Holy Roman Empire as models.

Rev Brown, who for years pastored Londonderry’s Free Presbyterian congregation, in a sermon on Sunday, June 19, entitled ‘Reasons to Vote for Brexit and against Babel Mark 2,’ said the European elite have blatantly signalled their intent by placing a symbolic statue of Europa riding a bull, outside its institutions on the continent.

Rev. Brown, in a sermon at the Martyrs’ Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, in Belfast, said: “Now by using this obvious symbology the EU elitists, men, anonymous men, never-seen men, behind, working the power-base, they are basically saying we want to finish what Nimrod [the Biblical King] started, the building of a world government, and that unfinished work points to their desire for expansion and so it’s no surprise that nine countries have gone to 28 countries and they’re talking to other countries at the moment, bringing them in, although they’re denying it, of course, because it doesn’t really suit the referendum and they’re bringing in Turkey as well as other peoples.”

He said that by using the Greek legend of the abduction and rape of Europa by Zeus as one of the European Union’s most prominent symbols - there are statues in Brussels and Strasbourg - the bureaucrats at the top of the EU were clearly signalling their intent.

“By prominently using this symbol, of a woman riding the beast, the global elite, the movers and shakers behind the European Union are very clearly communicating the thought that we are connecting ourselves with the coming beast system,” said Rev Brown.

“They know what the Bible says, when it uses symbols like this and it seems to me that they are almost bragging about it by using this ancient legend as a symbol for the EU they are telling us that the plan of their master is to seduce Europe, Europa and ultimately to dominate it.”