Bronagh Gallagher and Joe Mahon back disability-friendly holiday home in beautiful Culdaff

Bronagh Gallagher, Joe Mahon and former Leeds United player turned soapstar, Peter Mitchell, have lent celebrity support for a brilliant new disabled-friendly holiday initiative in beautiful Culdaff.

UTV’s Joe Mahon spoke candidly about his family experience of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the launch of an innovative ‘Culdaff Cabin’ fundraising campaign.

Londonderry group Hoist Away is planning holiday accommodation with a difference in Inishowen and the Lesser Spotted Journeys’ presenter kick-started their Pound Appeal.

He said: “Hoist Away’s Culdaff Cabin will cater for people who are confined to wheelchairs and require hoisting. I am convinced that it will be greatly welcomed by the many families who are responsible for the care of family members who need this level of assistance to get through life.

“My own father, Jim Mahon, suffered from MS for many years. He required constant care and help to get through each day, as he could do nothing for himself. Life would have been impossible for my mother, who was his main carer, had it not been for the range of lifts, hoists and other equipment necessary to move him from one spot in the house to another.

“They were both afforded some respite from the daily grind whenever he was taken into a residential nursing home or into hospital, where he always received the utmost care from dedicated people.

“However, to have had a facility such as the Log Cabin in a beautiful location like Culdaff, where they would have been able to enjoy a holiday together and where all of the necessary equipment was available, would have been of enormous benefit to their situation and I am sure, would have been a great boost to their morale and that of the whole family,” he added.

Dropping his pound into Hoist Away’s eye-catching blue bucket, Coronation Street star, Peter Mitchell said he was “inspired” by the Culdaff Cabin project.

The Limavady actor said: “I am truly inspired by what Hoist Away are setting out to do. I believe so much more needs to be done to help people who are disabled, who rely on others throughout their day-to-day life. The Culdaff Cabin is genius. It is a not for profit enterprise, which will help people who need to get away and just forget about their daily lives.

“I believe that our communities should come together and help get this off the ground. There are people out there who have dedicated their lives to helping their family members who struggle with the simple things in life. It can be hard and it can be exhausting. The Culdaff Cabin will provide an escape route.

“Families can go to Donegal and not worry about accessibility. Everything will be provided, including hoists, shower chairs and grab rails. The Culdaff Cabin will be the first of its kind in the whole of Ireland, North and South of the border.

“I would just like to ask everyone to please donate one pound. Let’s get Hoist Away’s Pound Appeal for the Culdaff Cabin up and running and let’s help people who are in need this specialist holiday accommodation,” added the former Leeds United football player.

Hoist Away’s Catherine Farrimond explained that donations to the Pound Appeal could be made at and through PayPal at