Brokenshire briefed on Uni, roads needs

James Brokenshire, NI Secretary of State (Pic: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)
James Brokenshire, NI Secretary of State (Pic: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

The Mayor, Hilary McClintock, has told Old Bexley and Sidcup MP and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, James Brokenshire, that the Stormont Executive must deliver proper roads and a proper university for Londonderry, whilst continuing to grow our promising tourism economy.

Alderman Hilary McClintock outlined the need for investment in education and road infrastructure for the North West region when she spoke to the new Northern Ireland Secretary of State during his visit to the city this week.

She commented: “I spoke to him in depth about the issues facing our city and region and the urgent need for Central Government investment in road infrastructure and investment and growth at Magee University. We spoke about the recent success of our Foyle Maritime Festival when we hosted the Clipper Race and the importance of promoting the region as a tourist destination and a location for hosting major international events. I also took the opportunity to highlight a number of ongoing capital projects we are involved in, including the proposed Maritime Museum for Ebrington Square, by highlighting the need for the final tranche of funding.

“I was very pleased to get to speak with Mr Brokenshire and was very impressed with his knowledge of the city and district and his positivity towards the region. I hope to meet with him at a future date to discuss these issues in more detail,” she added.