Bogside bonfire '˜flag-burning sectarian hatefest'

A controversial bonfire planned for Londonderry's Bogside on Tuesday night has been branded a 'flag-burning sectarian hatefest'.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:25 pm
Children, with their faces hidden, construct the controversial Bogside bonfire on the sloped green beneath Londonderry's walls

A long-time resident of the area says the pyre – which will be located on the ‘banking’ below the City Walls – should be boycotted.

“Anyone thinking of taking their children to this hatefest really should think again,” the angry Bogside householder told the Derry Journal.

“Anyone that goes along to this will only be used to justify the burning of flags and emblems in mimicry of the worst excesses of loyalism,” said the resident who asked to remain anonymous.

“Their attendance will also be used to justify the months of disruption, illegal dumping and anti-social behaviour we have had to endure.

“It will further be used as justification for the bonfire builders and their political supporters for withdrawing from efforts to create a safe, family-friendly, controlled bonfire in the Gasyard. All because they want to burn flags and emblems.”

However, local dissident republicans, who have been engaging with the bonfire builders, say the decision to erect the pyre on the ‘banking’ is a “mature and sensible” one.

Representatives of Junior McDaid House – the base for Saoradh, which describes itself as a “revolutionary” republican party – say there will be no tyres or electoral placards on the bonfire.

A spokesman said: “The youth involved in building the fire who have entered dialogue with Junior McDaid House are asking that anyone intent on causing trouble stay away from the fire.”