Bishop Daly’s pastoral care to the terminally ill of all creeds a legacy that won’t be forgotten

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Church leaders in Londonderry have paid tribute to the late Bishop Edward Daly who has passed away after a period of illness, aged 82.

Whilst an iconic image of Bishop Daly carrying a white handkerchief on Bloody Sunday became famous around the world, it was his work as chaplain at the Foyle Hospice that touched many people across the North West, from all traditions and none.

Rev. Dr. David Latimer of First Derry Presbyterian Church said: “I knew Bishop Daly for as long as I’ve been in this city, which is 28 years, and really, it was during his time as chaplain at the hospice that I got to know him best as our paths crossed on many, many occasions.

“Bishop Daly related to people from my tradition in exactly the same way as he related to people from his own.

“He offered pastoral care and comfort in a way that greatly impacted on people’s lives.”

Dean William Morton of St Columb’s Cathedral, also stressed how Bishop Daly’s Christian care for the terminally ill made a real difference.

“I’ve been in the city from 1997 and although Bishop Daly retired four years before that I knew him well through attending various functions, events and civic ceremonies, including when both he and Bishop Mehaffey where honoured with the ‘Freedom of the City’ last year.

“But it was during his time at the Foyle Hospice that I would have got to know him best. He was there every day.

“And I know that from our people who were there, they greatly appreciated the time that he took and the pastoral care that he provided and the visits he made to their loved ones.”

Dean Morton said he was delighted to receive an encouraging letter from Bishop Daly following his election as the next Dean and Ordinary of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, in the spring.

“He wrote to me a wonderful letter of encouragement on my appointment to St Patrick’s back in May, which I was delighted to receive and indeed I replied and had his health held up he certainly would have been one of the people I would have been inviting to the installation in September.”