Bill for Mobuoy clean up £1m plus

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DUP MLA Gary Middleton says the perpetrators of illegal dumping at Mobuoy road must be made pay for the clean up of the site, which has already cost taxpayers over £1m.

“During a Ministerial statement to the Assembly on Tuesday, I questioned the DoE Minister on whether he had any indication of how much money it will cost in the long term to clean up the Mobuoy road site in Campsie and what steps his department is taking to recover the costs from those who carried out the crime.

“It is deeply concerning that there has already been over £1million spent at the Mobuoy road site with the overall clean up being estimated to total £50million.

“To date the cost has been covered by the public purse. This is completely unacceptable and a waste of public money. Those who carried out this crime must be held accountable and cover the costs of the clean-up. As a member of the Environment Committee at Stormont, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this situation over the coming weeks and months.”