Beyond the grave sighting?

THIS is the ghostly picture taken at the former Roe Valley Hospital showing a nurse like figure holding a baby that has put paranormal sceptics in a spin, and sparked fresh supernatural investigations into the grounds.

The photo, taken by a night time LCDI security guard just a few months ago, has been deemed by experts as authentic and reignited examinations into the ghoulish goings on at the former workhouse. The picture was passed onto paranormal investigators at the Paranormal Society Ireland who analysed the photo for two to three months before releasing it. LCDI manager Damien Corr, the first person to be shown the picture, says he was taken aback by the image.

"I am a sceptic but let's just say the picture was disconcerting enough for me to advise our security guard to pass it onto the paranormal society."

"I certainly know what it looks like; a woman holding a baby, but who knows. The sceptic in me says it could be something else."

Damien adds that the centre's night-time guard had been taking a photograph of the building with his digital camera and had not discovered anything untoward about the scene until flicking back through the images.

"It was an innocent photograph that he had wanted to take of the building at night. He wasn't alarmed by anything at the time and hadn't seen anything."

Close inspection of the image appears to show a woman and child wearing bonnet style clothing, attire closely linked to the period the building hails from.

"But when he showed me the photograph I just thought 'oh my God' and told him to contact the members of the PSI, who had been here a few months before investigating for the BBC show 'Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts'."

The photo has plunged the former hospital grounds, which now plays home to numerous health and social care facilities as well as Limavady Community Development Initiative, into further mystery regarding it's gruesome past. So much so experts plan to return to the old workhouse building in the coming months. Scary tales from the building include the regular sound of crying babies and appearances of men and women in uniform.

One of the most gruesome tales from the building includes that of a pregnant nurse who worked at the former hospital. It is believed she kept her pregnancy secret, delivered the baby herself and killed it, and sometime later, wracked with remorse, hung herself.

Darren Annsell, Chairman of PSI formerly known as the Northern Ireland Paranormal Society, says there is certainly a lot yet to be discovered about the Limavady building.

He said: "We always come from the sceptical point of view when we get passed on pictures such as this one but we have been looking at this picture, analysing and making sure it is authentic for the last few months and we can't find anything to say it isn't."

"We always take our investigations from a scientific point of view and have put ourselves on the map when it comes to research in the paranormal field. Our last investigations at Limavady workhouse threw up some surprises from a knock on a window to the sound of a crying baby so there is certainly a lot more to look into there, we will be returning to take our investigations further in the next few months."