Beware ‘despicable’ burglars who are ‘lowest of the low’

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Local DUP MLA Gary Middleton is urging people to be vigilant following the latest spate of burglaries in the Londonderry area.

“I would urge people to be vigilant following the recent burglaries throughout the city and rural areas.

“The recent despicable break-in at the home of an elderly lady in the Eglinton area (see Page 9) whilst she attended church is an example of how low these criminals are prepared to stoop,” he said.

“I am also aware of a break-in in the Culmore area where thieves ransacked a home and stole jewellery.

“I would urge everyone to report any suspicious activity within their area to the PSNI to ensure that those who are carrying out these acts are brought to justice.”

Burglars have stuck in several locations across the Waterside and Cityside over the past month.

On September 3, the PSNI reported burglars had been on the prowl in Woodburn, the Limavady Road and Galliagh.

And on September 7, the PSNI appealed for information on burglaries that occurred at two houses in Ivy Mead, and further separate incidents, which were reported to have occurred in the Gobnascale and the Brandywell areas respectively.

Any information can be submitted by way of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) non-emergency telephone number, 101, or by calling the Crimestoppers Charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.