Better Days lie ahead for Thomas John following debut reception

Thomas John, a singer-songwriter from Londonderry has just released his debut single titled ‘Better Days’ and has received air play from BBC radio and reached the top 30 iTunes Charts both in the UK and in America.

The 27-year-old singer says he is “surprised but delighted” with the response his song has received.

“The song came from some recording sessions I had been doing with Paul Casey at his recording studio. I had written the song just after Christmas and Paul produced and engineered the recording.

“We knew that it was catchy while we were putting the track together but I genuinely didn’t expect it to get so much air play across the country.” he said.

“Stephen McCauley started to play it on BBC Radio Ulster which was amazing, he sort of started the ball rolling and then the track started to get played on local stations from Donegal to Killarney, all over the country. I’ve had radio producers from BBC Radio 2 and some stations in America getting in touch with me as well which is just crazy.”

During its first week of sales, ‘Better Days’ reached the Top 30 charts on both iTunes in the UK and in the USA.

The unassuming singer has said that in the coming months he plans to start playing live and release more music.

“Over the next while I want to keep on writing new material and hopefully start gigging. I want to get an EP out by the end of March. Those are the short term goals.”

Thomas John plans to finish the recording of his EP with well respected producer and musician Paul Casey.

“Paul is so easy to work with. He’s laid back but still gets great results very quickly without compromising quality. His new studio is the ideal place for any local musician looking to record material.”

Better Days by Thomas John is available on iTunes and all good digital stores via Skyward Recordings now. You can connect with Thomas John on social media by searching “Thomas John Music” on Facebook & Twitter.