Ban for doing ‘donuts’ outside the Delacroix

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A Londonderry man who did ‘donuts’ in the car park of a local bar almost striking several vehicles has been jailed at the Londonderry Magistrates’ Court.

Steve Smith, aged 26, of Bradley Park admitted a series of driving offences which occurred on March 9th 2014.

The court was told that Smith met up with a female in the Delacroix bar where he was attending a function.

The defendant was drinking in the female’s presence and the court was told there was ‘a bit of banter’ between them as Smith tried to get her car keys.

Eventually Smith got the keys and went out and got into the driver’s seat.

The female followed and got into the car to try and get her keys back.

Smith then began performing the donut manoeuvre in the car park at speed and the female said he almost his other parked cars.

Eventually the defendant slammed on the brakes and ended up so close to the door of the bar that the woman said she thought he was going back inside in the car.

Inside the bar she managed to get her keys back and left.

Defence barrister Mr. Eoghain Devlin said it had been ‘an upsetting incident for the woman’ and added it was ‘a series of actions without logic’.

Mr Devlin said there was no coherent thought given to the actions and it was inevitable Smith was going to get caught.

The local District Judge Barney McElholm said ‘clearly the young lady had a lucky escape.’

The local District Judge sentenced Smith to four months in prison and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.