Ballykelly lacks play park facilities says Stevenson

LIMAVADY'S mayor Councillor Edwin Stevenson has called on Limavady Council to release funding for more play park facilities in Ballykelly.

The Ulster Unionist Councillor has said that for too long now Ballykelly has been ignored by the Council, with projects in other parts of the Borough receiving more attention.

In a statement Mr Stevenson said: "Ballykelly's population has increased significantly over the last number of years; however, it lacks the proper Council provisions which it requires. As a result of this I will be working with the relevant Council authorities to ensure that Ballykelly has all the amenities which it deserves – beginning with the provision of adequate play park facilities."

"I want all interested parties – community groups, Council, PSNI and even local children to come together so we can put plans in place for the provision of good play park facilities. We have to do this the right way, because we don't want a situation were these parks would be used and abused for anti-social behaviour."

"Areas in Ballykelly like Kings Lane, Tamlagh Park and Bawn Court are in desperate need of proper and modern play parks. All we have at the present time is a few football pitches. This is completely unsatisfactory. The provision of these play parks has to happen sooner rather than later. For too long Ballykelly has been neglected. The UUP will not tolerate this any longer."