Bag of headless crows washed up on banks of Foyle puzzles pet detectives

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A bag of headless crows washed up on the banks of the Foyle left animal welfare volunteers scratching their heads this week.

The decapitated corvids were discovered in Eglinton on Wednesday by a walker who originally feared they were drowned dog pups.

The passer-by contacted local pet rehoming charity, Pet FBI, raging over the discovery on its social media feed: “To the person who thought it would be a great idea to put puppies into a plastic bag and dump them to their deaths, I really hope you feel proud of yourself, you small excuse for a human being.”

However, in a bizarre twist, it turned out the bag contained crows, not pups.

Lisa Patton, a volunteer with Pet FBI, confirmed a colleague discovered it was “a bag of crows with their heads removed.”

While crows - among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom - are protected under the North’s wildlife legislation, they may be culled by shooting. How these specimens lost their heads and ended up in a bag in the Foyle, however, remains a mystery.