Appeal for photographs of Trefoil Guild lady

Johnann Brown
Johnann Brown

Members of the Trefoil Guild locally have been celebrating a very successful gathering of the ‘clan’ for their AGM in Lonodonderry last weekend.

The visit to Londonderry attracted over 900 Guild members, who all stayed in accommodation locally and took time out of their busy schedule of meetings to do some sightseeing, including a string of guided tours on the city’s ancient and historic walls and enjoyed a civic reception at the Guildhall.

Last week The Sentinel was contacted by Heather McKenzie, the granddaughter of one of the delegates, in the hope that she might be able to get some photographs of her beloved granny to cheer her up.

“My Grandma, Johnann Brown, said she had a thoroughly brilliant time,” said Heather in her email to reporter Olga Cathers.

“She was especially delighted that the mayor, Elisha McCallion allowed to her to wear the mayoral attire and a photograph was taken.

“I’ve had a browse online of the Londonderry Sentinel page and watched the video but I was hoping you might have other photos taken that you might find her in. I did see the slideshow, I had my fingers crossed that it might have been one you didn’t post.

“I’d really like to get a copy of any photos of her. She has had some upsetting news and I know this would cheer her up.

“I’ve kept on eye on the Trefoil Guild page too but have seen nothing as yet,” she said.

Ms McKenzie asked The Sentinel to make an appeal to see if any members of the Trefoil Guild took pictures of Johnann, pictured above.

Anyone who can help is asked to email their photos to or