Anti-cuts rally plan for centre of city

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An anti-Stormont House Agreement rally will take place in Londonderry on April 18 with the organisers calling on all groups opposed to austerity to unite disparate campaigns into ‘a mighty force’.

The People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA) says it is initiating the Day of Action Against Austerity on Saturday, April 18 in the city centre.

“We encourage all others - unions, community groups, arts organisations, those on benefits, private sector workers, the unemployed, students, environmental protection groups - who oppose the Stormont House Agreement policies to join us. Stormont is depending on apathy to push through an agenda that will benefit the 1% and corporations. We must build on the tremendous solidarity of March 13,” a spokesperson said.

“The PBPA believe the trade union movement was absolutely right to publicly condemn the Stormont House Agreement and organise the region-wide public sector strike.

“The NIPSA General Council has voted to call for another public sector strike on May 1. People Before Profit calls on other unions to support this initiative.

“The group also called on the Irish Congress of Trade Union to follow through on its pledge to oppose the socioeconomic aspects of the agreement and plan more strike action.

“Escalating our opposition through more strikes, marches and campaigns is the only way to stop Stormont’s irresponsible drive towards austerity.

“People Before Profit will support all efforts, all campaigns and all movements opposing the Stormont cuts in Derry and across the North and we will work to unite all these efforts and struggles into a mighty force.

“To stop the cuts solidarity is key. Everyone opposing job losses, the dismantling of our public sector and privatisation must fight together. United we can stop austerity and fight for an alternative.”