‘Anonymous’ take on toxic waste problem

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Vigilante environmental activists who say they are affiliated with the notorious computer hacking collective ‘anonymous’ are taking action over an illegal dump just outside Londonderry.

A statement issued to local media by a group calling themselves ‘Anonymous North West’ states that they have been “monitoring the situation at Mobuoy dump now for almost three years and we feel that the current situation places inhabitants of Derry and the North West in grave danger. We can not and will not stand by and allow the destruction of The River Faughan and the greater landscape to continue.”

The environmental activists have affiliated themselves with the notorious computer hacking collective and activist group known as ‘Anonymous’.

The computer hacking collective adopt the bombastic slogan ‘we do not forget, we do not forgive, we are legion’ and have previously taken down websites belonging to Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal; have targeted Middle Eastern dictators and even Isis for attack.

Now, a group calling themselves ‘Anonymous North West’ say they are taking matters into their own hands over an illegal dump at Mobuoy Road just outside Londonderry.

Earlier this month, the Sentinel revealed that a range of cancer-causing poisons, heavy metals, pesticides, tarry and coal wastes and a compound that was used to make tear gas during the First World War have been discovered buried in the huge illegal dump.

‘Anonymous North West’ issued a statement this week stating: “We have no other choice but to now with urgency commence the clean up operation ourselves with a view to forcing the authorities to treat this issue with the urgency and seriousness that it deserves; and remove without further delay all of the waste in its entirety and restore the Faughan landscape to its former glory so that it can be afforded maximum protection and enjoyed by future generations.”