Annual Praise at Bready

Bready Reformed Presbyterian.
Bready Reformed Presbyterian.

Have you every heard of a Harvest Thanksgiving service being held in the month of May?

In the Bible the Jews had a festival called ‘First Fruits’ which was held one week after Easter (Passover).

They presented a sheaf of barley in worship as a token of their trust in God to provide the harvest throughout the rest of the year.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. The flowers and blossoms are out, the lambs are skipping in the fields, the farmers are hard at work preparing the soil and sowing the seed. There are drills of potatoes, without a weed in sight. New life is everywhere. It brings joy to our hearts.

This is all part of God’s provision for us. He has promised that seed-time and harvest will not fail. It is only right that we return thanks to Him. But more than that, He has provided for our spiritual needs. He promises a new life in Christ, with cleansing from sin and a new start.

The members of Bready Reformed Presbyterian Church are holding their annual praise service on Sunday, May 18 at 7pm. The theme will be ‘Singing through the Seasons, winter and summer, seed-time & harvest, rejoicing in God’s provision.’