Anger guidance for school kids

Paul Fleming.
Paul Fleming.

The Derry Policing and Community Safety Partnership and Foyle Women’s Aid are to begin teaching five to eleven year olds how to manage conflict and anger.

The programme will also encourage them to seek support over self esteem and confidence issues.

The programme is being delivered to both primary and post primary schools. The primary school programme supports children aged between 5 and 11 to manage conflict/anger and encourages children to seek support when needed promoting development of their self esteem and confidence.

The post primary programme delivered to year 11 pupils aims to provide a preventative approach to domestic violence/abuse by enabling young adults to identify the early warning signs in unhealthy, abusive relationships.

Speaking on the programme Cllr Paul Fleming Chair of the Derry PCSP stated: “This is an extremely important programme for the PCSP to support as it provides early interventions to enable our young people to make informed decisions on relationships. Unfortunately our Council area has a high level of domestic abuse/violence and we are hopeful that this programme can go some way to break this cycle.”

Tracy Healy from Foyle Women’s Aid added: “We are delighted that the Derry PCSP is providing valuable support to enable the delivery of this programme. Through this support we have been able to deliver the training into five of our primary schools and six of our post primary schools. The message we are sending out to these young people is that support is available and that sexual and domestic violence is never acceptable and should not be tolerated.”