Anderson attacks Kenny over EU Presidency programme

LONDONDERRY MEP Martina Anderson has attacked the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny for failing to include ‘socially progressive’ initiatives in the Republic of Ireland’s EU Presidency Programme.

“Taoiseach!” she exclaimed. “The Irish Presidency Programme contains nothing socially progressive, no investment package, no concrete actions to address record unemployment figures, nothing to give hope to those thousands of young people and whole families, participating in one of the biggest forced migrations in more than a century.”

Addressing Mr Kennedy during a visit to the EU parliament she also accused Mr Kenny of failing to include an “all-island” element to the Presidency.

“We were led to believe that there would be an all-Ireland dimension to this Presidency. But there is little evidence of it. Where is it, Taoiseach?” she asked.

“Transforming the conflict in the north of Ireland is as important today as it ever was, as recent events in parts of Belfast have borne out.

“Your government has a key role to play. The EU still has a role to play.”

Significantly, given the ongoing furore over the limitations imposed on the flying of the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall she urged Mr Kenny “to ensure that symbols and emblems are used in a manner which promotes mutual respect, not as a weapon of domination over one section of society.”

The former Sinn Féin unionist outreach officer also called on the Taoiseach to support the holding of a Border Poll as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement.