Alliance candidate David Hawthorne

Alliance Party Westminster candidate for Foyle, David Hawthorne.
Alliance Party Westminster candidate for Foyle, David Hawthorne.

Firstly, if elected, I would favour devolved arrangements for taxation here, when we have proved we can do it in a way which is not a carve -up of sectarian one for you one for me politics.

A modest drop in taxation here,would be needed to attract businesses and investment so we can rebalance the economy.

To counteract this I would also favour a modest increase in income tax for higher rate taxpayers, and also in household properties valued over two million (not including farmland).

There needs to be a balance between protecting vulnerable individuals and also meeting our very great needs for health social care and housing. Innovation is required to access funding to build more social housing.

A significant investment is required in our local infrastructure, A5 and A6 (revised to prioritise essential works first) as well as getting the stalled rail upgrade back on track (with my intervention and involvement in the retention of the rail link proving influential), I would like to go further and also see many capital projects given the go ahead when the borrowing rate for investment is so low, without infrastructure we cannot attract global businesses to set up.

Also, the arts and culture sector needs some help as it provides the `quality of life` which also attracts external investors to Derry, and is sometimes overlooked.

Massive savings can be made in the costs of duplication. Sectarian aspects of our service delivery, especially in education this is costing us £1.5billion.

Much of the money saved would enable the full delivery of our essential public services, including the NHS and reinstatement of all the funding cuts imposed by DUP Sinn Féin budget sectarian carve-up, this means a fully integrated education, which is needed to finally remove all sectarianism from our society.

The job of the MP for Foyle is to give a vision and leadership which is sadly lacking, according to the house of commons research report on March 15 we are bottom of the UK unemployment league in this constituency, with an unemployment rate of double the national average of 12.2 per cent. The present incumbent has had 10 long years to deliver, and he has failed, its time for a change.

Other parties have tried to break through, notably William (Lord) Hay and Gregory Campbell, the latter who ran away to East Londonderry to give him the seat he craved.

DUP and UUP pacts and sectarian politics gets in the way of their success in Foyle. This is a constituency which prides itself on moderate and inclusive politics for the last 40 years, which I call the John Hume legacy.

With Sinn Féin going no-where abstentionist money for nothing fantasy economics and policies and SDLP in repeated divisive splits, the only electable alternative for the people of Foyle is an Alliance representative, which would be the mirror image of what has happened in East Belfast.

All the parties have failed to implement complete transparency in funding and donations, except Alliance. We in Alliance want complete transparency in declaring all funding and `open books` accountancy, and an end to the double jobbing, money making in politics of assembly and Westminister, which we fought for.

It is my wish to watch and learn form the world class leadership which Naomi Long has shown in East Belfast leading the way towards a truly non sectarian inclusive politics. The world will see and watch that when someone of vision and charisma steps forward to represent people, the people will respond, and give them their vote and confidence, to take them forwards not back.

Thank- you people of Foyle for your support.