Aileen Reid finishes sixth in Triathlon

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Londonderry triathlete Aileen Reid has finished an excellent sixth in the Women’s Triathlon at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The local athlete was amongst the front runners during the swim.

She exited the water fourth after the first lap and maintained that position by the end of the swim.

Initially, Ms Reid worked with English athletes Hall, Holland and Stimpson on the first lap of the cycle but this soon consolidated to a front pack of ten.

She was also pivotal in reining in an attack from Hall towards the end of the cycle, the effort of which, effectively ended the latter’s contention.

Ms Reid finished the cycle in fifth and quickly established a lead at the front of the race with a group of four other runners. the English athletes Stimpson and Holland, the Canadian Sweetland and the Australian Jackson.

They were soon afterwards joined by New Zealander Hewitt.

During the second lap of the run, the Londonderry triathlete fought valiantly against being dropped from the front-runners, as the pace quickened.

At the end of lap two of the run, however, Ms Reid was five seconds behind the leaders, though still within striking distance of a medal.

During the last lap, the pace of Stimpson, Sweetland, and Holland proved too much for the Londonderry triathlon, as well as for the antipodeans, Hewitt and Jackson.

A big gap opened up to the front three and ultimately Stimpson took Gold for England, Sweetland took Silver for Canada and Holland took Bronze for England.