Address English job bias, says DUP MP

Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell

DUP MP Gregory Campbell says Chancellor George Osborne has failed to take into account the Anglo-centralisation of private sector jobs in his recent budget.

He said more needs to be done to make sure glaring regional disparities are addressed.

“The problem in the UK is that so much of our economy is concentrated in the South East of England. The regions of the UK need to see the benefits from this and future Budgets,” said Mr Campbell.

The East Londonderry MP was speaking during a debate on the Budget Resolutions and on the economic situation generally.

Coventry Labour MP Jim Cunningham said: “I agree with the hon. Gentleman. The Government, and sometimes previous Governments, have governed on the basis of what London and the South East think, forgetting there are about 45 million people in this country outside London and the South East. Any Government pursuing an economic policy should remember that.”