Abuse the focus of WHSCT week

Abuse against vulnerable adults will be the focus of an awareness week arranged by the Western Local Adult Safeguarding Partnership (LASP) 10 to 15 March 2014.

Aidan Gordon, Assistant for Adult Safeguarding services, Western Trust said: “Raising awareness about the potential for abuse to happen is the first positive step in preventing it. LASP is dedicated to safeguarding all vulnerable people from abuse and encourages staff, as well as service users, carers and the general public to be vigilant and report any suspicions they may have.”

He continued: “Abuse or neglect can happen to any adult. In fact, contrary to commonly held beliefs, adults who experience abuse or neglect are often mentally competent, are not dependent on other people, and do not require constant care.

“Abuse in any form is totally unacceptable. I think it is important to say that abuse is not just a health issue. It is also a societal issue, therefore requires us, as a society, to recognise the abuse of adults in all its forms and to report it if we come across it.”