£69k from Arts Council

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Community News

Arts organisations in the north west are to benefit from new sustainability awards being given by the Arts Council.

Almost £69,000 will be invested in the are and in Londonderry. The fund aims to increase the resilience of core arts organisations affected by the challenges of a decade of disinvestment in the arts. The sustainability fund, worth up to £261,207, will help annually funded arts groups to make permanent, significant change to their organisations and improve their ability to bring art to as many as possible.

Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland said: “The Arts Council has responded to the pressures facing our core arts organisations, many of which are struggling to survive after a succession of cuts to government funding. The Arts Council’s Sustainability Fund, worth £261,207, will help annually funded arts organisations take appropriate action to implement permanent, significant change measures in these difficult financial times.

“Whether through collaboration, mergers, new partnerships or new business models, we hope the National Lottery funding we have awarded, can help these core arts organisations to sustain the important work they deliver for the benefit of many in our society. “

Greater Shantallow Community Arts (GSCA) is one of eleven arts organisations offered Arts Council of Northern Ireland Sustainability Fund awards; they received £36,092 (see full list below). GSCA provides much needed access to the arts in Londonderry. They work within disadvantaged communities, bringing arts and cultural activity to people dealing with issues of social exclusion, poverty and isolation.

Oliver Green, Artistic Director, GSCA said “We were really happy to get this funding because it offers us the chance to develop our business model and build the arts hub that people here in Derry city need. The award will help us oversee the transition of part of the Greater Shantallow Community Arts Centre into a commercial enterprise and to do that we need to market the new studio itself, its arts programming and activities in order to develop our audiences.

The funding gives us an opportunity to invest in technology and expertise so that we can reach those people who don’t usually get the chance to participate in the arts or think it’s not for them, because of course they are - the arts are for everyone no matter where you’re from.”

Two further arts organisations based in the North West, In Your Space and Sole Purpose Productions received Sustainability Funding, allowing them to continue a process of significant organisational change.