£3k from Ford for Foyle river rescue

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Foyle Search and Rescue has been allocated just over £3,000 for 2015/16 by the Justice Minister David Ford who has announced an increase in Executive funding available to voluntary organisations providing search and rescue services.

The Prehen-based service will receive £3,108 whilst the North West Mountain Rescue Tram, which operates in the Sperrins and elsewhere will also benefit. It’s set to receive £25,000.

David Ford said: “Search and rescue services play a significant, potentially life-saving role each year across Northern Ireland. I want to thank all the voluntary groups for the important work that they undertake. The commitment and dedication shown by volunteers 365 days a year is vital in supporting the work of the statutory agencies. I am impressed at the strong level of partnership and cooperation.

“I am, therefore, pleased to announce that my Department will double the overall funding, to over £90,000, to help these organisations continue their work.

“While the financial contribution that I have announced today will go some way to assisting these teams they will continue to need the support of the wider community in their fundraising activities.”