30 leaders in city to be trained to underpin peace

THIRTY emerging community leaders will be trained to help underpin peace in Londonderry and across the North West, it’s emerged.

Catherine Cooke, Chair of the North West PEACE III Partnership said: “This is an excellent programme that will develop the potential of emerging leaders from all communities and equip them with the skills for leadership in the NW today.”

The project is supported by the European Union’s PEACE III Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and delivered by the NW PEACE III Partnership.

The training will be delivered by the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and the Interaction Institute for Social Change, starting in January 2013.

The partners have already been in discussion with various network organisations in the Londonderry, Strabane and Omagh council areas to get the word out to potential participants.

Colin Neilands, Director of the WEA: “The partners have been delivering similar projects in other areas and the feedback has been excellent. Investing in building local leadership skills helps to underpin the overall strategies for Peace.

“Targeting new and emerging leaders is particularly useful to ensure that there is succession for those currently shouldering the responsibilities. “We’re very excited to be working in the NW and looking forward to the coming months.”

There will also be opportunities through the project for other members of the community and voluntary sector to access training and details of these will be announced in the New Year.

If you are interested in learning more an Information Sheet and Application Form are downloadable from the WEA’s website – www.wea-ni.com or by emailing carol.aitken@wea-ni.com