£250m extra to meet PSNI security pressures

ALMOST £250m in extra funding has been found to meet PSNI security pressures up until 2015, the Justice Minister David Ford has revealed.

Access to £199.5m has been secured from the Treasury on top of £45m allocated by the Executive between 2011 and 2015.

He stated: “The Department of Justice funding allocation was agreed by the Executive for the years 2011-15. This included £45m of additional security funding from the Executive for the PSNI.

“In addition, working with DFP, access to a further £199.5m was secured from the HM Treasury to meet PSNI security pressures.”

He said any additional requests by the PSNI are addressed in the context of the ring-fenced funding of the Department of Justice in the first instance.

“In the event of unforeseen pressures arising which are not capable of being met through that route, I will discuss the issues with the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP).

“Any future discussions with the HM Treasury about additional funding for policing in the next spending review period would be led by DFP on behalf of the Executive,” he concluded.