200k days lost due to stressed PSNI officers

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Over two hundred thousand days were lost due to stressed, anxious, and depressed police officers being unable to turn up for work over the past five years, it’s been revealed.

Remarkably, 201,297 days were lost due to stress related illnesses between 2010/11 and 2014/15.

“The stress related illnesses included in the figures detailed...are: anxiety, depression, other mental disorders, other stress, post natal debility and post-traumatic stress disorder,” it’s been revealed.

And it’s been getting worse.

Back in 2010/11 33,487 days were lost but this rose gradually to 53,408 last year.

This comes as the PSNI confirms it is likely to appoint only 100 to 200 new officers in 2015/16, not the 378 it had hoped to.

“Instead, of the original 378 appointments, it is likely that this will reduce to somewhere between 100 and 200, yet to be finalised,” the PSNI confirmed. It blamed the reduction in the target on budget cuts.