20 Years Ago January 12, 1995

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I Agree: January 12, 1995: A Nationalist member of Derry City Council appears to have broken ranks with his party by stating publicly that the Waterside is discriminated against when it comes to sharing out public money. Gerry Toland said his greatest current fear was that any peace dividend would be shared out in areas of the West Bank, with the East Bank not seeing a penny.

‘Put London back:’ January 12, 1995: The UDP has called on loyalists to “put the London back into Derry,” amid claims that while the city is being touted by nationalists as an example of “parity of esteem,” Derry City Council’s policies have discriminated against Protestants for 20 years. Mr David Nicholl, the local UDP spokesman, which helped broker the loyalist ceasefire also alleged the majority of community groups benefitting from funding have been nationalist.