£1.7m spent on sport in Magilligan prison

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Nearly £2million was spent on sport and recreation in Magilligan jail over the past four years, it’s been revealed.

Jails Minister David Ford revealed a total of £1,735,984 was spent in the Londonderry prison between 2011/12 and 2014/15.

But the figure has been gradually reducing, the Minister explained.

The spend rose slightly from £485,165 in 2011/12 to £499,206 in 2012/13.

It then fell sharply to £397,742 in 2013/14 and even further to £353,871 in 2014/15. The vast majority of the money was resource expenditure (£1,683,904) with just £51,990 listed as capital expenditure.

In Maghaberry £3,593,215 was spent on sports provision whilst in Hydebank the expenditure figure was given as £1,293,301. Again most of this was resource spending.