£1.4m export drive a licence to print money in form of 21 new salaries

Gavin Killeen from NuPrint Technologies Ltd, with Des Gartland, InvestNI.
Gavin Killeen from NuPrint Technologies Ltd, with Des Gartland, InvestNI.

A Londonderry manufacturer that labels food and drink and pharmaceutical products is taking on 21 new starts over the next three years as part of a £1.4m export drive that will eventually yield half-a-million pounds in new salaries.

Gavin Killeen, Managing Director of Nu Print Technologies added: “We are focused on diversifying our product offering to make the most of opportunities in the flexible packaging and technology sectors.

“To do this we have introduced new manufacturing technologies and boosted our capability across a range of labelling activities.”

Foyle DUP MLA Gary Middleton said: “I am delighted to welcome the announcement that Nu Print Technologies’ plan to create 21 jobs over the next three years.

“This is a good news story for Londonderry as the 21 new jobs will create welcome employment opportunities for skilled operatives in the city. This investment arises as a welcome enhancement to our local economy with a boost of £496,000 through the salaries provided for the jobs.

“The announcement is certainly a good news story and one which has affirmed Nu Print Technologies confidence and commitment to the North West.”

Investment Minister Jonathan Bell said: “Nu Print Technologies is an innovative business and this significant investment is designed to position the company competitively to succeed in new markets.

“The creation of 21 jobs here in Springtown, over the next three years, signals the company’s continued commitment to the area. Once in place these jobs will generate £469,000 annually in additional salaries and also help to bolster the manufacturing skills base in the North West.

“The company’s investment includes the purchase of new equipment to enable the production of new products and to improve processes and efficiencies. Invest Northern Ireland has also offered £279,000 to support its investment in new technologies and the recruitment of a Product and Process Manager. “This has enabled Nu Print to proceed quickly with its growth plans and gain the resources and capability needed to grow its sales outside Northern Ireland.”

Mr Killeen, who was recently instated as President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, said: “Invest NI’s support is helping us to maintain a competitive advantage in our target markets and scale up our offering to leverage new business.

“The 21 new jobs to be recruited over the next three years will support our projected growth and help us form a strong team that will drive the business forward.”