THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Interesting sentences passed at County Down Assizes

From the News Letter, March 31, 1859

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 9:18 am
English Street, Downpatrick, Co Down. NLI Ref: STP_2218. Picture: National Library of Ireland

The News Letter carried the following sentences had been passed at the County Down Assizes sitting in Downpatrick by the Right Honourable Chief Baron Pigot.

William Thompson, who pleaded guilty to having stolen a number of fowl which belonged to William Gardner.

Thompson was sentenced to 13 months in prison with hard labour.

John Bond who had been found guilty of having stolen two heifers, which belonged to Robert Young of Magheraconluce, was sentenced to seven months in prison with hard labour.

Michael Hawkins and Francis Goudy, who had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour of having fired at shot at Hans Lemon while he was watching the demesne of George Dunbar, Esq, at Ballyrolly, were each sentenced for six months with hard labour.

Jordan McKeown was convicted of “uttering and tendering a counterfeit coin” at Hillsborough in February 1859.

He was handed a sentence of penal servitude for three years.

Anne Hardy, who was convicted of stealing a watch and chain from James Davison at Ballymacarrett on February 19, 1859 and had been previously convicted of a felony, was sentenced to penal servitude of three years.

Meanwhile, Anne Lynch, who was found guilty of “having put her hands into the pocket” of Jane Lees of Smithfield and having taken “some money” on February 23, 1859 was imprisoned for three months with hard labour.

Finally, James Boyle, who had been found guilty of “having committed an assault” upon Jemima Cassidy was sentenced to nine months with hard labour.