Susie get her operation this week

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A cocker spaniel rescued from Causeway Coast Dog Rescue charity is having a life-saving operation, thanks to donations from the local community.

Susie, who was less than a year old when she was rescued, is jet black and has the best temperament for rehoming.

However following a health check by the charity before rehoming, a heart problem was discovered.

Chairperson of the north coast charity, Maggie Dimsdale-Bobby said: “There are so many health issues with dogs being rescued, however Susie is special. She has a heart complaint in relation to the flow of blood around her heart.”

“As the charity’s focus is to make sure every dog has a second chance, a specialist vet surgeon was sourced from Belfast who specialises in heart complaints for dogs. He had a special interest as he had a problem with his own heart.

“He agreed to complete the operation and ensure Susie didn’t have to wait too long. As Susie is a young dog, and full of life, she is a perfect for having this kind of operation and it being successful.”

Maggie added: “Unfortunately earlier this summer, the kind and trusted vet passed away suddenly due to his own heart condition. The charity’s members and volunteers felt great sympathy for his family and friends in England.

“During this time, we secured foster parents for Susie while she awaited her fate.”

Members had already started to raise funds for Susie’s operation and wanted to continue to give her the best chance possible.

Funds were raised through a campaign on the charity’s facebook page with supporters’ donations, children’s birthday donations, local kennels donating and vets running a marathon and other activities.

“The veterinary practice helped us to identify another vet from England, as with such a specialised operation with key hole surgery there are very few who perform it.

“Unfortunately costs have increased but the charity wish to continue fundraising for Susie.

“The operation will be taking place this week in Belfast and we have only another £780 to reach our target.”