‘Seeing is believing’ at UltraSlim Clinic

I recently came across a new UltraSlim Clinic in Derry/Londonderry where I discovered a non-surgical way to lose weight and at an affordable rate also. I’m the type of person who has to see to believe. So I was definitely curious to try this and see if it actually worked.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2014, 1:47 pm

What is this treatment and how does it work?

“Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo is described as a painless non-surgical treatment to remove fat and reshape your body including skin tightening. It can restyle your figure and help you feel more confident about your shape”

The simplest way to describe this treatment is that it’s very similar to the ultrasound technology used in prenatal scans!

A special gel is spread across the target area of the body in order to break down and liquidize fat cells - allowing them to pass through your lymphatic system in the normal digestive pattern.

How long does it take?

The treatment in total lasts a half hour on each visit.

How soon can you expect to see results?

You can look forward to instant results on your first treatment!

Any nerves beforehand?

It’s only natural on your first visit for any new treatment to feel a little bit apprehensive. Mainly because you just don’t know what to expect!

In hindsight, I’d nothing to worry about. From the moment I entered the clinic for my initial consultation, the practitioner put me completely at ease.

What next?

Step by step she talked me through the procedure, inviting me to raise any questions I had. In a simple, straightforward manner she then advised me on the preparations I should take ahead of the treatment ie. avoiding alcohol for 24 hours prior to my first session and other minor recommendations.

She put special emphasis on the aftercare period explaining that the 72 hours immediately after treatment is the optimum time for fat to drain from the body.

She stressed how important it is to drink plenty of water and include some exercise in my daily routine in order to maximise results!

With all this in mind, I had a sudden rush of enthusiasm!

And I booked myself in there and then.

Was it what you expected?

Call me a sceptic…but I tend to think that in the beauty industry the term ‘pain free’ is a little over used.

I’m happy to reveal my fears were completely unfounded – quite honestly, I didn’t feel a thing.

The gel was applied and the therapist glided the handheld machine over my skin, massaging gently. If anything the overall sensation was actually quite relaxing.

The treatment is over before you know it which is great for someone like me – with a full day’s work behind me at this time of the day.

Before and after each treatment the therapist measures the target area. In my case - my stomach area! This proved to be one of the most thorough and accurate measurements I have ever had taken using light wash-off marker points to ensure any loss is precisely recorded.

In my first session I lost 1.6 inches from around my stomach! And I hadn’t moved off the treatment bed!

Better still, there was more – or less – to come.

Because the Ultraslim technique is a gradual process. While I was chuffed with a 1.6 inch reduction, this is only an the initial result and with good aftercare, drinking plenty of water and exercising – I continued to shrink!

I couldn’t wait for my second appointment and the chance to tell my therapist how impressed I was with the treatment.

But not only that.

For me anyway, the psychological effect of seeing my waistline visibly reduce – was profoundly encouraging.

Just by undergoing this treatment and following the aftercare, I felt motivated to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan. I saw with my own eyes having been measured once, treated with the machine and measured again straight away – that this treatment works.

Any downside?

None whatsoever. But the one one thing I will say is that in drinking plenty of water be prepared to visit the bathroom more than usual!

Not as bad as it sounds – because the fat cells which have been broken down into liquid form are passing through. The more, the better – I say.

I am delighted now having undergone two out of the three treatments with a loss so far of 4.6 inches around my stomach area.

The whole process has been really simple to follow and doesn’t require any major lifestyle alterations or restrictions.

What other body areas can be targeted?

Although I opted to target my stomach area, the Ultraslim Clinics can cater for; hips, thighs, legs, love handles, upper arms and your face. And what’s great is that this is totally pain free and non invasive and you get to see the instant results for yourself. It definitely is a case of “seeing is believing’ and I have.

Check out the website for any further information or questions you may have or call into the clinic in Skeoge Industrial Estate. It couldn’t and won’t hurt!