Pupils at Oakgrove Integrated Primary School, receiving certificates for attending a British Sign Language course at the Foyle Language Centre, pictured with Josephine Heath, who received a Level 1 certificate. The pupils are (seated), sisters Rafa and Sara Ardhami, and standing (from left), Christian Temple Buchanan, Tegan Nesbitt, Emma Ball, Erin Adams and Caitlin Murray. INLS4510-511MT.

Some more pictures of school days gone by

Here are some pictures from our archive to remind readers of school days a decade or so ago.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 10:27 am

It was a different type of school environment then, with no threat from Covid-19.

Teachers certainly have extra work on their hands today but hopefully the worst is behind us.

To remind us of more carefree school days, here is a slideshow from bygone days.

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