Watch: Barzaz bring Breton folk fusion to Spiegeltent

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  • by Kevin Mullan

Breton folk fusion legends Barzaz played their first ever Irish gig as an outfit in Londonderry on Wednesday (April 23) as part of the Pan Celtic Festival 2014.

The audience were treated to the band’s unique meld of Breton ballad ‘Barzaz’ singing and jazz-influenced experimentation.

Watch Alain Genty (bass), Jean-Michel Veillon (flute), Yann-Fanch Kemener (vocals), Gilles Le Bigot (guitar), and Irishman David (Hopi) Hopkins, play ballads such as Parrez Lok-Malo and Ar Butun (Dañs Fisel) from albums ‘Ec’honder’ (1989) and ‘An Den Kohz Dall’ (1992).




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