Temporary transport for CoC13: plans

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ROADS Service has been involved in developing a transport plan for Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013 with temporary facilities for all modes of public transport for specific large events under consideration.

But Roads Minister Danny Kennedy refused to say whether there were any plans to extend Londonderry’s complement to 1k taxis, a figure estimated by Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey.

Mr Ramsey asked Mr Kennedy “what plans he has to increase the number, given that over 1,000 taxis operate in the constituency.”

Mr Kennedy replied: “My Department’s Roads Service, along with key stakeholders, including taxi representatives, has been involved in developing Transport Plans for the City of Culture 2013.

“As part of these plans, temporary facilities for all modes of public transport for specific large events are being considered.”

He stated that taxi ranks were currently installed in areas where there was greatest demand from pedestrians requiring the services of a public hire taxis.

Thus in order to maintain their efficiency, taxi ranks should not be used as parking facilities.

“In the past, Roads Service has worked in consultation with City Centre Initiative and taxi representatives to identify areas throughout the City where taxi ranks are in greatest demand,” he stated.

“Roads Service has also been involved in discussions with the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) and taxi representatives, regarding proposed changes to legislation in relation to taxi licensing.

“Roads Service has agreed to review taxi rank provision, in conjunction with the implementation of the proposed new legislation,” he concluded.

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