London Boys show solidarity with the Fountain

London's Apprentice Boys have supported the Fountain.

London's Apprentice Boys have supported the Fountain.

A contingent of London’s Apprentice Boys this year showed special solidarity with the people of the Fountain presenting cheques to two appreciative local causes.

The City of Westminster Campsie Branch Club used the occasion of the Shutting of the Gates demonstration to hand over donations to both the Fountain Primary School and the Bob Harte Memorial Trust.

William Temple of the Trust, which is the corporation behind the Thiepval Gallery, said the contributions were very welcome.

“I think it’s only right to recognise their generosity and point out that the Londoners have been very much supportive of the Fountain,” said Mr Temple.

The Bob Harte Memorial Trust maintains the Thiepval Gallery, which displays murals and artefacts and it also provides historical walking tours of the Fountain and touring lectures throughout the year.

It also collates research material pertinent to the history of the Fountain.




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