Classic Jack and Emily top of the baby name pops in 2013



The classic Emily and Jack were the most popular girls’ and boys’ names in Londonderry in 2013, it’s been revealed.

In Limavady, Sophia was the top girls’ name whilst there was a tie between Conor, Jack and Shea for the most popular boys’ name.

And Strabane followed Londonderry when it came to the top girls’ name, whilst the top boys’ name in the Tyrone town was James.

Across Northern Ireland Jack - the diminutive of the biblical John has been the most popular boys’ name for over a decade, while, after a very close race, Grace came out on top for girls.

There have been 280 baby boys named Jack and 200 baby girls named Grace registered in 2013 so far.

Jack has been the most popular boy’s name since 2003. James has held second position for the third year running, while Charlie was third in 2013 climbing from fifth in 2012.

For girls, Grace was the most popular girls’ name up from third in 2012.

Emily, which is derived from the Roman Aemilia, remained in second place, while Sophie fell from first in 2012 to third in 2013.

Within the top twenty, Luke and Ella have significantly increased in popularity over the last year.

Four of the top 10 boys’ names from 2003 are still present in the top 10 today (Jack, James, Daniel and Matthew). None of the girls’ names from the top 10 in 2003 remain in the top 10 today.

Changes in popularity between 2012 and 2013

Boys’ Names

This year Jacob and Thomas have increased in popularity to reach the top 10 from ranks 13 and 14 respectively.

Luke was the largest mover within the boys’ top 20, rising to rank 19 in 2013 from rank 27 in 2012.

Looking further down within the top 100, Jackson has risen 50 places to rank 82 in 2013 from rank 132 in 2012 while Theo has also risen 50 places to rank 92 from rank 142.

The greatest drops from the 2012 top 100 were Corey, down 66 places to rank 105 in 2013 and Reece, down 65 places to rank 155.

Girls’ Names

Ella was the highest climber within the girls’ top 20 rising to rank four in 2013 from rank 13 in 2012. Anna has also increased in popularity to rank 10, from 16 in 2012.

Ava and Ruby are new entries to the girls’ top 20 in 2013, rising 13 places and two places respectively to ranks 13 and 20.

Looking further down within the top 100, Elsie has risen 60 places to rank 93 in 2013, from rank 153 in 2012 and Robyn has risen 45 places to rank 82 from rank 127 in 2012.

The greatest falls out of the 2012 top 100 were Shannon, down from rank 96 to rank 143 and Elizabeth, down from rank 74 to rank 106.




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