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TOMORROW’S action in the Eglinton & District Darts league is the Seven Player Team Cup with the ‘Double In-Double Out format’ and this first team cup of the season has been sponsored for the second year by Colin Doherty of Day to Day, Aghanloo.

One team will progress from each venue to the semi-finals and final will be held at The Vale on Thursday, December 6th next.

While there was five maximum scores were recorded in the Eglinton & District Darts League last week - Joe (Loaf) Mullan (John T’s), Brian Harkin (Macons), G. Douglas (The Depot), John Moore (The Depot) and DermotT McGuinness (Donaghy’s A) all producing the goods.

The best leg was thrown by Dermott McGuinness (Donaghy’s A) who recorded a 15 dart leg and also an 18 dart leg.

Other top legs were recorded by Eamon Duffy (The Depot) 16 darts; Keith Darby (Macons) 19 darts; Brian Watson (The Vale) 20 darts; Brian Harkin (Macons) 20 darts; Liam Millar (John T’s) 21 darts and Erick Ming (Macons) 21 darts.

The highest checkout of the week was recorded by Colin Doherty (Drummond Hotel) with a 104 finish. Other good finishes from Deane Connolly (Longfield B) 80; Martin McCormick (Longfield B) 80; T McLaughlin (Longfield A) 73; Lee McCallion (Longfield B) 72; Stephen McGinnis (The Vale) 60; Keith Darby (Macons) 50 on bullseye.

Results From Week 12 - Drummond Hotel 3-3 Longfield A - (Drummond Hotel) Colin Doherty 113, 104 and 82 finishes; Joe Dougherty 3x100, 140; Kenny Coyle 140; Evan Logue 114; Dominic Begley 121. (Longfield A) Noel Pyper 100; T McLaughlin 100, 115, 73 finish; Dean Pyper 2x100; Paddy McElhinney 3x100,125.

John T’s 3-3 The Vale - (John Ts) Sean O’Hara 2x100; Adrian Pearson 4x100, 135, 136; Padraig O’Reilly 2x100, 121; Joe Mullan 100, 180 max; Liam Millar 2x100, 123 (21 darts). (The Vale) - Dolan King 2x100; Brian Fahey 100; Niall O’Connor 100; Mickey McGinnis 3x100; Brian Watson 4x100, 121 (20 darts); Stephen McGinnis 100, 116, 60 finish.

The Depot 5-1 Eglinton CC B - (The Depot) Ian Pearson 100, 121; Brian Murray 5x100, 137; John Moore 3x100, 140, 180 max; Eamon Duffy 3x100, 140 (16 darts); G Douglas 100, 180 max; Robert Murray 3x100, 129, 140. (Eglinton CC B) - Alan Hanna 100; Richard Wylie 100.

Longfield B 3-3 Rising Sun B - (Longfield B) Kevin Johnston 100; Deane Connolly 2x100, 77 finish; Lee McCallion 100, 101, 72 finish; Martin McCormick 100, 80 finish. (Rising Sun B) - Nigel Moore 100, 121, 135, 140; Tony Murray (Snr) 140; Jordan Moore 121; John McKinney 135; Raymond O’Hara 2 x 100.

Donaghys B 2-4 Macons - (Donaghys B) - Sean Feeney 100, 137, 140; Ryan McKinney 100; Jim Donaghy 2x100. (Macons) - Paul Hamilton 100; Brian Harkin 3x100, 180 max. (20 darts); Keith Darby 2x100, 2x140, 50 finish on bull (19 darts); Niall Shields 2x100; Erick Ming 137 (20 darts).

Other results - Calablanca 3-3 Donaghy’s A; Eglinton CC A 5-1 Happy Landing 1, while the Rising Sun A received a bye last week.

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