Hussain leaves Brigade

Iftikhar Hussain pictured in action for Brigade.
Iftikhar Hussain pictured in action for Brigade.

PAKISTANI Iftikhar Hussain has confirmed that he has left Beechgrove and will be playing his trade from next season at Ballymagorry.

The all-rounder has been a leading light during his eight seasons at Brigade helping the Waterside club to three senior titles, an Ulster Cup and a Northern Bank Senior Cup triumph in that time and he has consistently topped the averages with both bat and ball.

Speaking about the move Hussain suggested that it was something of a wrench leaving Brigade and that he was grateful for the fact that the club had consistently made him welcome.

“I have enjoyed my time at Beechgrove very much and have made plenty of friends during those eight years. We have shared success in that time and I am proud of my record playing for the club. I would particularly like to thank Bertie Faulkner who has made every effort to make my time there a happy one.”

As one door closes another opens however and the player is now relishing the opportunity for a fresh start.

“I am delighted that Fox Lodge have expressed an interest in bringing me to play for the club and I am very much looking forward to getting started. There are plenty of good players already in place and I really believe the potential is there to leave an indifferent season behind.

“I expect Fox Lodge to be competing again at the top end of the table sooner rather than later and will be doing everything I can to help make that happen.”