Waterside is least monitored railway station in Ulster

LONDONDERRY'S railway station is the least surveilled in Northern Ireland with just four CCTV cameras.

Translink operate four CCTV cameras at the Waterside station and none in the station car park.

Between Belfast and Londonderry there are 96 CCTV cameras in total - 62 at various railway halts, 13 at Northern Ireland Railway car parks and Park & Ride schemes, and 21 at level crossings.

Rail Minister provided the details in response to an Assembly question stating: "Translink advise that they have a rolling programme of CCTV installations and renewals.

"There are plans to install additional camera systems, however, the timing and scope of this work is dependent on operating experience, prioritisation and approval for funding."

The Minister also revealed that CCTV cameras are installed on newer NI Railway trains.

"Translink advise that they have 38 operational train sets available and CCTV cameras are installed on all 23 CAF Class 3000 trains, with 8 cameras on each. The CCTV system was not rolled out to other vehicles in the fleet because of plans to replace most of these," he stated.