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It is Voluntary Arts Week once again!

Last year, in celebration of the UK City of Culture, an army of craftbombers were out in force applying colour and form to a wide number of locations - from the PSNI station which was pom-pom and flag bombed, to the ancient city walls, where trees were targeted for explosions of crafty colour.

Finn McWool

Finn McWool

This year, although on a smaller scale, those crafty folk have been given a new mission - to decorate under the cloak of darkness - a well-known location in the city.

But, that’s not all: Expect at least one ‘flashmob’...

The fun will begin on Friday.

Fear not if you are not artistic - there is a chance for everyone to join in the fun, by Tweeting and getting involved online. Voluntary Arts Ireland mascot Finn McWool has launched his new twitter account (@finnmcwool) and Facebook page, and members of the public are being encouraged to Tweet using the #craftbomb tag.

CHINWAG: Finn McWool talks to reporter Olga Bradshaw.

CHINWAG: Finn McWool talks to reporter Olga Bradshaw.

For more information watch the attached video with ‘Agent T’

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