‘There is good practice here...so those that need to parade can parade’

PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton.

PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton.

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The new Chief Constable George Hamilton met community representatives and religious leaders in Londonderry on Thursday (July 10) and said the approach used in the city around the Apprentice Boys’ parade is something that “has worked in Derry-Londonderry over the last 15 years that doesn’t seem to always have been translated into other parts of Northern Ireland.”

He said: “There is good practice here; it’s not without its challenges but there is something that seems to be going on here around facilitation, a bit of generosity, an acknowledgement of the views of other people, even if it’s not agreed with; about relationships being built so that those that need to parade can parade, so that life of the city can continue to flourish, and those that need to protest can protest.

“If there is learning that can be captured from that and applied in Belfast then we all share a collective responsibility to do that.”