Robinson slams Chivers over band comments

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DUP MLA George Robinson has attacked Limavady Sinn Féin Councillor Brenda Chivers after she accused a loyalist band of engaging in ‘sectarian singing and chanting’ in the centre of the town ahead of the Twelfth.

Ms Chivers said she’d received “several complaints about the behaviour of a band, followers and members of the Orange Order who engaged in sectarian singing and chanting on the grounds of Limavady Civic Centre.”

But Mr Robinson, who was in attendance at the event, accused the Sinn Féin representative of misrepresention.

“Family members and I attended this event and Cllr Chiver’s has obviously not been at the same event. Her statement is nothing but a political ploy to instigate a ‘hate fest’ against the Protestant culture.

“This follows on from Sinn Féin’s opposition to men walking to a church service locally. The statement proves that Cllr Chiver’s does not want a 12th July cultural celebration in Limavady. The statement also proves that she and her party have no interest in creating a ‘shared future’ or ‘mutual respect’ in any part of the Borough especially towards the Unionist community.”

Ms Chivers said: “While people should respect other people’s culture this was a deliberate sectarian act and nothing that can be dressed up as anything but pure hatred of the nationalist population.”

Mr Robinson said: “The event she refers to was a happy one with families enjoying a coffee while taking in the launch of what will be a tremendous day for Limavady and its businesses. Such dreadful and ill-informed comment from an elected representative only advertises Limavady in the worst possible light.”