Public to get a say on new Maritime Museum

The public are being given a say on the running of the new Maritime and Archive Centre set to be located in Ebrington Sqaure.

Bernadette Walsh, an archivist for the Derry City Council and Museum Service, told the Sentinel that members of the public are invited to fill in a survey to say exactly what they would like to see in the museum.

Display at the Maritime Pop Up Museum

Display at the Maritime Pop Up Museum

She was in the heritage tent at the ongoing LegenDerry Maritime Festival promoting the Tower Museum and archive service with a collection of fascinating objects from all aspects of the city’s maritime history - from emigration to the World War II Battle of the Atlantic.

Bernadette said: “What we have today is a selection of objects very much a pop up museum, the selection of objects to give people an idea of what we have in the collection. Exhibits include a bell from HMS Sea Eagle, a Second World War Royal Navy police uniform and a 15th Century log boat. We also want people to fill in a survey to give us an idea of what people would like to see in the museum. Is it archives, objects, artwork, and also some of the themes we should look at?”

People will also have the opportunity to suggest what the 2,200 square metre maritime museum on the Ebrington site should be called.

The maritime museum will be housed in vacant buildings 45/46 and 49 on the former Ebrington barracks site and is scheduled for completion in 2018-2019.

Bernadette explains the new three floor museum is really about “bringing all the resources which we have and making them available to the public in one very substantial centre.”

Margaret Edwards, Education Officer with Derry City Council’s Museum Service, said: “The new museum would be a celebration of the city’s maritime heritage. It is expected to be the only museum and archive of its kind in Ireland and will also be aimed at attracting international visitors.”

The Museum Service stand will be open daily from 10am-6pm during the LegenDerry Maritime Festival which is taking place from June 21~29.