Proxy bomb hoax draws condemnation from the city’s Mayor

The lorry parked on Buncrana Road
The lorry parked on Buncrana Road

Londonderry Mayor Brenda Stevenson has condemned the proxy bomb hoax that brought one of Londonderry’s main arterial routes to a stand still on Wednesday, August 20, and called on those responsible to “desist from inflicting further hurt and pain on their own community.”

Two masked men hijacked a lorry in Galliagh around noon on August 20, loaded an object, and ordered the driver to take it to Strand Road police station.

The Mayor said: “I am absolutely appalled by the actions of those responsible for this callous hijacking and the planting of this device. My thoughts are with the driver of the van and of course his family who are no doubt considerably distressed by his ordeal.

“The alert today has caused widespread chaos across the city, with residents forced to evacuate their homes, the evacuation of a local school and major traffic congestion. Not to mention the considerable risk to public safety and the security personnel who risk their lives in dealing with any potential device. A number of businesses in the area have also had to be evacuated for a considerable period, at a time when local companies face enough challenges given the current economic climate. Derry has moved on from violence, and senseless actions such as this inevitably have a wider impact on local business and the economy of the region. I would call upon those responsible to listen to the people of this city and desist from inflicting further hurt and pain on their own community.”